SwimStreams Podcast with Krishnan Subramanian

by Brad Johnson, on Aug 13, 2019 1:24:41 PM


Did you know that Swim.ai has its own podcast series?

The SwimStreams podcast is a recurring series focussed on distributed applications and real-time software architectures. Hear from members of the Swim.ai team and other developers using swimOS to solve their streaming application challenges.

About the Host

We're fortunate to have enterprise cloud expert Krishnan Subramanian as host of the SwimStreams podcast. Krish is the founder and CEO of Rishidot Research, and was formerly a technical editor for The New Stack and Director of Product Strategy for the Red Hat OpenShift platform. He focusses on helping enterprises modernize their own IT with emerging technologies.

Krish is also a frequent contributor at StackSense.io and the Swim.ai blog.

Current Episodes
  • A Conversation with Ali Isitman of Maxitech
    Ali Isitman, a corporate innovation specialist for Maxitech (a Turkiye Is Bankasi subsidiary) discusses how swimOS helped Maxitech build an IoT edge platform and highlights a use case where they implemented swimOS for an industrial manufacturer in Turkey. They also discuss how swimOS can help in use cases like self driving cars, his own developer experience with the swimOS platform and more.
  • A Conversation with Ajay Govindarajan of Swim.ai
    Ajay Govindarajan, senior backend developer at Swim.ai, discusses how to deploy stateful distributed applications using swimOS. He explains how the swimOS platform enables developers to compose various data sources (streaming data, batch, etc.) into one single outbound API. He also covers how swimOS can be used to build powerful Observability and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) dashboards, and how swimOS can provide a powerful, real-time monitoring solution for the Kubernetes stack.
Future Episodes
  • A Conversation with Chris Sachs of Swim.ai (coming soon!)
    The next episode will feature Swim.ai founder and Chief Architect, Chris Sachs, as he discusses the challenges of building real-time applications and why he thinks the answer is stateful, distributed application platforms. 
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