SWIM Soundbytes: Top SWIM.AI Podcasts

by Swim.ai Team, on Apr 30, 2018 10:25:48 AM

Podcasts are a great medium for discussing new technologies, as they’re a format which encourages deeper dives into the technical context, industry trends, and recent innovations surrounding innovations. Oftentimes, podcasts are casual discussions, providing a window into the minds of innovators and creators which may not shine through in formal documentation on a website or in a white paper. The SWIM.AI team has been fortunate enough to partner with some excellent podcasters to discuss SWIM EDX, which have led to some very interesting discussions about the future of application development and digital twins, the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and the role of machine learning/artificial intelligence at the edge.

If you haven’t already had a chance to listen, here are four insightful podcasts which feature discussion on SWIM EDX and how it fits into the wider technology landscape:

  1. SiliconANGLE & TheCUBE CUBE Conversation

    “Peter Burris, host of the CUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile livestreaming studio, sat down with SWIM.AI founder & Chief Architect, Chris Sachs, and SWIM.AI CTO, Simon Crosby, for a CUBE Conversation at the theCUBE Studios in Palo Alto, California. The discussion covered the concepts behind SWIM AI, digital twin technology, and practical use cases for SWIM.”

  2. The ARCHITECT Show Ep. 52

    “In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, SWIM.AI co-founder, Chris Sachs, and CTO, Simon Crosby, discuss their new company that just emerged from stealth mode and is bringing artificial intelligence to edge devices. Sachs and Crosby explain how they're able to train and run deep learning models on distributed networks of low-power processors, and how they use unsupervised learning to make sense of "gray data" -- data streaming off of sensors that might not have clear value, except for helping to predict future events in those systems.”

  3. The New Stack Makers Podcast

    “The story behind SWIM.AI is really one of what does it mean to use services that collect data across vast, endless fabrics of time that are currently there. That’s a larger question about the need for deeper learning overall that can be then applied in any conceptual framework to collect data from whatever network of things that can be imagined. SWIM.AI does real-time data processing by implementing actor frameworks that all have their own state — just enough to maximize all those clock speeds and analyzing it with neural networks that work across intersections. The capability to process data at the edge allows to create learning environments such as with predicting traffic in a city like Palo Alto, which co-founder, Chris Sachs, and CTO, Simon Crosby, discuss in particular in this podcast and demonstration.”

  4. The Cloudcast #344 by A Cloud Guru

    “Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely talk with Simon Crosby (@simoncrosby, CTO) and Simon Aspinall (@saspinall, CMO) at new AI startup SWIM.AI about the changing landscape of the cloud and edge, the vertical industry opportunities with edge computing, how AI is being applied to real-time events, and how SWIM is enabling new thinking for those use-cases.”
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