PRESS RELEASE: SWIM.AI Introduces Open Source Swim Platform

by Brad Johnson, on Feb 21, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Swim enables developers to build applications that analyze, learn and act on streaming data as it’s created, from the edge to the cloud.

San Jose, CA – February 21, 2019—SWIM.AI, creators of the industry’s first application platform for building stateful, real-time, distributed applications, today announced that the Swim platform is now open source under the Apache 2.0 license, and freely available to developers. Swim gives developers a single, integrated software stack to build and run stateful, real-time, distributed applications without requiring a database, message broker and application server. Swim can run locally at the edge or in the cloud to analyze, visualize, collaborate, and act on streaming data as it is created.

“Organizations are overwhelmed by constant streams of new data, and centralized ‘store then analyze’ architectures are poorly suited for today’s complex edge environments,” said Krish Subramanian, founder and principal analyst, Rishidot Research LLC. “Developers understand these challenges and want to build applications that act on streaming data in real-time. Swim allows them to do this.”

New Stateful Model for Building Real-Time Applications

Swim is a single integrated software stack that is efficient and able to run anywhere, from the smallest compute devices to the largest clouds. Traditionally, working with large volumes of edge or streaming data has required developers to assemble a complex set of software including data collectors, analytics, message brokers and databases. Swim integrates these capabilities upfront, enabling developers to rapidly develop applications that work with existing hardware and software without depending on a database, message broker, application server or cloud storage.

SWIM requires little training, and provides everything an application developer needs to get started building stateful, real-time, distributed applications. The three components are:  

  • Swim platform and runtime – provides the foundation for building and running stateful, scalable, real-time applications without requiring a database, message broker, or app server
  • UI framework, SDKs and client – enables the building of new streaming visualizations and embedding streaming UI components into existing applications in days, not months
  • Streaming APIs –First ever streaming API integrates data streams and analytical insights with existing UIs or external applications

From REST to WARP: The World’s Only Streaming-First API

A key innovation of the SWIM platform is the WARP streaming protocol. WARP powers Swim’s streaming APIs and was developed by SWIM.AI as a multiplexed streaming upgrade to HTTP, to enable the creation of bidirectional streaming links between distributed application services. With WARP, developers can create meshes of application services which continuously share streaming insights with each other at network real-time.

“Swim was created to solve the fundamental challenges that developers face when building real-time applications,” said Chris Sachs, founder and chief architect of SWIM.AI. “Most apps involve complex integrations of servers, message brokers and databases. These REST-based architectures create bottlenecks that are quickly overwhelmed by high data volumes. By leveraging WARP, Swim can efficiently stream updates across the edge, network and cloud to ensure distributed applications are always in-sync with the real world.”

Getting Started with SWIM

Swim is available now. To get started, developers can download Swim at

The Swim community portal includes all of the documentation and support resources developers need to start building streaming applications today. In addition to the SWIM platform, the portal offers:

Supporting Resources

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SWIM.AI is on a mission to reinvent the application stack. The company is led by developers that design software from first principles to solve the fundamental challenges organizations face when building real-time applications. SWIM.AI offers the open source Swim platform for developers, and an enterprise-grade version of Swim, which has been widely adopted across a number of industries including IoT, smart cities, transportation, manufacturing and government to help transform their organizations.

SWIM.AI is venture-backed by Arm, Cambridge Innovation Capital, and Silver Creek Ventures, and is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. and also has offices in Cambridge, UK. For additional information, please visit

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