Introducing Digital Twins That Learn: SWIM EDX

by Simon Crosby, on Apr 4, 2018 8:14:32 AM

Today we announced the general availability of SWIM EDX, our software product for Business, IT and Ops professionals swamped with data coming from un-intelligent assets and infrastructure. SWIM EDX provides business and operational insights from gray edge data.  SWIM EDX autonomously discovers and instantiates stateful digital twins from voluminous edge data, and enables them to analyze, learn and predict their future state from their own real-world data – in real-time.  All without costly, batch-oriented, central big-data analysis.  SWIM EDX can transform operations and deliver powerful insights for a broad set of edge scenarios - including smart cities, industrial automation, utilities and service provider networks, IT and enterprise infrastructure optimization.  We’ve even used SWIM EDX to power an autonomous swarm of drones, flying a complex mission.  

But what on earth is a “digital twin”?  Gartner views digital twins as one of the top strategic enterprise trends in 2018, defining them thus: “A digital twin refers to the digital representation of a real-world entity or system.”  Digital twins are key to gaining greater insight into the operation of enterprise and public infrastructure, to help optimize performance, identify faults, predict problems and to enable real-time control - and many other “Industry 4.0” applications in which enterprise infrastructure is made more dynamic, autonomous and introspective.

SWIM_Illustration 3 R4_OutlinesSWIM EDX creates intelligent digital twins from "gray" edge data.

But a key challenge is how easily enterprises can implement digital twins, given their investments in legacy assets, their limited skill sets in streaming analytics and limited understanding of the complex assets that generate data – even before considering the cost of the digital twin infrastructure itself.   Digital twins need to be created based on detailed understanding of how assets they represent perform, and they need to be paired with their real-world siblings to be useful to stakeholders on the front line.   Who will operate and manage digital twins? Where will the supporting infrastructure run?  How can digital twins be married with ERP and other applications, and how can the technology be made useful for agile business decisions? 

SWIM EDX addresses these challenges by enabling any organization with lots of data to easily, affordably and automatically create digital twins that learn from the real-world continuously.  EDX builds digital twins directly - from streaming data at the edge.  Our digital twins encapsulate what you really need to know about current and predicted performance of instrumented assets, and the insights can be easily integrated into your ERP logic, Ops processes or workflows to help inform decision makers, in real-time.

SWIM EDX enables Ops and IT teams to deliver real-time insights to business stakeholders – as a service – without new infrastructure, skillsets or management.    EDX simplifies analysis by learning on-the-fly using powerful self-training deep neural nets that accurately predict future performance.  The SWIM EDX software runs on relateively simple edge devices.

SWIM provides software to power a future in which every real-world system offers a digital representation of itself - a digital twin.  Digital twins will be automatically created from, and continually updated using data from their real-world siblings.  They will observe their own behavior to train accurate behavioral models and deliver real-time predictions so users and apps can make optimal decisions about how to respond.

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