Edge Learning is Now a Thing

by Simon Crosby, on Jul 18, 2018 8:28:00 AM

$10M Series B Round with Investment from CIC and Arm Positions SWIM.AI to Deliver on the Promise of the Intelligent Edge

SWIM.AI is headquartered in downtown San Jose, CA.

Today we announced that SWIM.AI has closed its Series B funding round of $10M, led by CIC, and with ARM as sole strategic investor.

CIC is the investment fund for the University of Cambridge, my alma mater, and the investment gives us an opportunity to partner with the academic community at the University via our R&D office in Cambridge. We adopted a similar approach at XenSource – and students, the University and the company all benefited. Cambridge leads the world in scientific research and SWIM offers researchers unparalleled capability for real-time edge learning.

The Cambridge link-up is a double delight because ARM has made a strategic investment in SWIM.AI. ARM is headquartered in Cambridge and has deep relations with the research community. (For a historical note, the first reactive edge system I built was a virtual packet handler in the FIQ interrupt handler on the ARM6-based Fairisle ATM network)

Why is ARM investing in SWIM.AI? They’ve put out their own blog, but I offer my views below:

ARM now licenses more than 5BN CPU cores per quarter. That’s a big number. Are those devices simply going to dumbly ship data to the cloud? I think not.

ARM dominates today’s edge computing market and its devices have access to a wealth of sensor information - with the potential to enable applications that optimize efficiency, safety, and performance, and transform user experiences. But to deliver these benefits edge devices need to become truly smart

A platform like SWIM that automatically transforms big-data into big insights at the edge will enable developers to quickly deliver transformative data-driven applications to fuel the edge economy.

Edge devices and systems need to autonomously learn from and make predictions about their environment - from their data and from other devices nearby. And to unlock the potential of an edge environment rich in sensors and power-efficient computing developers need a simple way to get from vast amounts of raw data to insights and predictions. They need a software system that lets devices share insights to enable complex systems to function. That’s SWIM, and developers can now sign up for early access to the SWIM SDK. That’s right – we are strategically aligned with ARM in seeking to bring the benefits of edge learning to all applications. I guess that means the hat is in the ring. Edge Learning is now a thing.

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