Announcing Swim Continuum 4.0: Managing Continuous Intelligence at Scale

by Jamison Shaver, on Oct 7, 2020 7:17:23 AM

At Swim, we’re continuing our journey to help organizations transform their business operations - continuously augmenting human decision-making, using the most accurate, relevant data possible from real-time and contextual data sources. As the first provider of an open core, end-to-end platform that enables Continuous Intelligence at scale, we’re pleased to announce the latest release of our flagship product, Swim Continuum 4.0.

Swim Continuum offers a complete, live window into your insights, operations, and the state of your business. With the latest 4.0 release of Swim Continuum, the experience and knowledge gained from building, deploying, and operating dozens of continuous intelligence solutions has been incorporated to help enterprises quickly ‘listen to’ changes in their data and project outcomes. The result is the next evolution of enabling ‘always on’ situational awareness and operational responsiveness.

New with release 4.0, Swim Continuum significantly enhances the comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities of continuous intelligence solutions, and also powers engaging and collaborative real-time experiences.

Comprehensive Management and Monitoring 

Through a single pane-of-glass experience, Swim Continuum manages the resources of the Swim compute fabric and dynamically scales and load-balances applications across the fabric. Designed for massive scalability, Swim Continuum ensures performance and agility under high loads by distributing, provisioning and load-balancing applications across the available infrastructure, with configurable load-balancing policies that are configurable for improved flexibility.

With operating system-like manageability and the ability to measure, aggregate and record system events, Swim Continuum 4.0 continuously monitors itself as well as Swim applications with deep introspection for process availability, reliability and performance. It provides operators with peace of mind by continuously monitoring performance, manageability and security of the system as well as the Continuous Intelligence applications running on top of it.

Engaging and Collaborative Real-Time Experiences

With a greatly enhanced UI framework, Swim Continuum 4.0 visualizes your data and insights through the only user experience that dynamically updates graphs, maps, KPIs, dashboards and more - continuously, in actual real time. Unlike other UI frameworks or BI tools, Swim Continuum uniquely visualizes updates from streaming data at the rate of change - without the need for refresh or polling databases. The platform not only enables the creation of rich, interactive and engaging user experiences from existing templates, but Swim Continuum makes it easy for business operators to view data and insights related to their role, spot relevant trends faster, and simplify collaboration across multiple organizations. As a result, Swim Continuum can now be configured by enterprises to make users more productive in their respective roles with a real-time lens into their business, accessible from anywhere. 

For more information about Swim Continuum, check out the demo videos or our latest Swim Streams podcast on our website.

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