Ten Benefits of Swim ESP - IIOT Infographic

by Swim.ai Team, on Jul 5, 2017 11:58:52 AM

Swim ESPTM is a powerful edge-based addition to sensor-rich industrial environments that transforms your Operational Technology (OT) with machine learning. Swim ESP is designed to “plug & play” in existing industrial environments, where it delivers context-relevant insights precisely where and when they are needed, so you can make business decisions in real-time.

We've put together this infographic to share the ten benefits of Swim ESP when used in Industrial IOT environments:

Swim_10 Benefits of Swim ESP_Infographic

Gain these ten benefits from Swim ESP: 
  1. Affordable Smarts at the Edge
  2. Plug & Play OT Insights
  3. Secure by Design
  4. Real-time Edge Processing
  5. Brown Field of Green Field
  6. A Solution for IT and OT
  7. Transform Raw Sensor Data
  8. Continuous Monitoring of OT Assets
  9. Insights Where You Need Them
  10. No Forklift Required
Learn more about how SWIM is able to help you gain actionable, business insights from your Industrial IOT data with machine learning. 

10 Benefits of Swim ESP - Infographic | Swim (PDF)

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