Smart City IOT Trends & Spend - IIOT Infographic

by Team, on Aug 15, 2017 11:07:00 AM

Smart Cities technologies can help power more efficient, greener, and more livable cities. The insights from Smart City devices can optimize city operations and generate significant cost savings, but challenges remain integrating with the in-place municipal systems that could benefit most. As city governments continue to increase investments into IOT technologies, Smart City decision makers should focus on solutions that emphasize local, real-time data analysis, and interoperability to maximize impact, as well as uncovering hidden insights by using Machine Learning.

We've put together this infographic of Smart Cities Trends & Spend to help you navigate IOT opportunities and uncovering IOT efficiencies in your Smart City:

Swim_Smart City IOT Trends_Infographic

Learn how SWIM boosts the efficiency of your Smart City applications by processing IOT data at the edge and uncovers hidden insights by using Machine Learning.

Smart City IOT Trends & Spend - Infographic (PDF)

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