Manufacturing IOT Trends & Spend - IIOT Infographic

by Team, on Aug 30, 2017 11:54:58 AM

IOT trends in Manufacturing: unlock deep insights about Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) aspects in the Manufacturing process with the Internet of Things (IOT) using Machine Learning. Sensors on equipment, assets, and the production line can provide insights that streamline business processes and significantly reduce costs. IOT technologies can help business automation and control systems react immediately, reducing system complexity and offering granular, real-time visibility into asset locations.  Use IOT data at the edge to improve system accuracy and uptime in your manufacturing process.

We've put together this infographic of Manufacturing IOT Trends & Spend to help you navigate IOT opportunities and uncovering IOT efficiencies in your Manufacturing process, production line, and supply chain:

Swim_Trends & Spend of IOT Manufacturing_Infographic

Learn how SWIM can increase and optimize the efficiency of your Manufacturing processes, supply chain, and production line with new applications that process IOT data at the edge.  Uncovers hidden insights in your production line by using Machine Learning and edge analytics to process your edge data.

Manufacturing IOT Trends & Spend - Infographic (PDF)

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