Current Industrial IOT Trends - IIOT Infographic

by Team, on Jun 22, 2017 11:48:39 AM

The Internet of Things (IOT) is connecting devices, vehicles, buildings, and assets to the business systems that power industry. Industrial IOT (IIOT) enables businesses to monitor and control connected devices across their network infrastructure, creating opportunities for improved efficiency, accuracy, and economic benefit in addition to powering the automated systems of the future while using machine learning.

Are you curious to learn about the current trends in Industrial IOT (IIOT)?  We've put together an infographic to share the latest IIOT trends that we've observed.  

Swim_2017 IIOT Trends_Infographic

The Industrial IOT floodgates are opening, with manufacturing and supply chains leading the way. McKinsey predicts that “The potential value that could be unlocked with IOT applications in factory settings alone could be as much as $3.7 trillion by 2025, or about one third of all economic value." In under 10 years, industrial companies may owe a third of their revenue to systems that aren't in place yet.

Learn more about how SWIM is able to help you gain actionable, business insights from your Industrial IOT data.

Industrial IOT Trends Infographic (PDF)

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