Increase Cost Savings with Smarter Buildings - IIOT Infographic

The Internet of Things (IOT) has the potential to unlock deep insights about IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) aspects of Building Management by using data and insights from Machine Learning. Integrating Building Management Systems (BMS) with IOT sensors can provide insights that identify inefficiencies, predict maintenance needs, and alert facilities managers to equipment failures in real-time. In order to maximize the benefit of IOT investments, building managers should look to IOT solutions that aggregate across all systems (HVAC, utilities, security, etc.) to deliver a complete, contextual view of current building performance.

We've put together this infographic of how to Increase Cost Savings with Smarter Buildings:

Increase Cost Savings with Smarter Buildings for Smart Cities - IOT Infographic | Swim Inc.

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Increase Cost Savings with Smarter Buildings - Infographic (PDF)

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