Drowning In IOT Data? - IIOT Infographic

by Swim.ai Team, on Jul 14, 2017 11:22:15 AM

Is your business drowning in a flood of sensor data from equipment, assets, suppliers, consumers, and other data sources? We've put together this infographic to share the data trends we're noticing for IOT and IIOT environments:

Swim_Drowning In IOT Data_Infographic

There is a huge opportunity to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety through adoption of Industrial IOT (IIOT) technologies. What’s needed is an edge-based “plug & play” IIOT product that securely and affordably delivers insights directly to operators and business applications to facilitate fast decision making. 

Learn more about how SWIM is able to help you navigate the floods of sensor data in your business environments and gain actionable, business insights from your Industrial IOT data with machine learning. 

Drowning In IOT Data - Infographic | Swim (PDF)

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