The Costs of Running Business In The Cloud - IIOT Infographic

by Team, on Jul 19, 2017 4:30:05 PM

Industrial IOT applications must receive & react to streaming data from sensors in real-time. Businesses should be managing data at the source, directly at the edge, to turn the floods of data into actionable business decisions.

We've put together this infographic to share the true costs of running business in the cloud for IIOT environments:

Swim_Costs of Running Business In The Cloud_Infographic

Cloud-based IOT applications that are expected to receive and process real-time streaming data from sensors face several costly challenges. Everything from crowded network traffic and large data storage requirements can significantly increase the cost of service without even accounting for the time and effort spent preparing data and running analytics. While many businesses look to make actionable, on-the-spot decisions, these costs are prohibitive to implement and achieve – regardless of whether it’s done internally or by a 3rd party provider.

Learn how SWIM is able to help you navigate the floods of sensor data in your business environments and gain actionable, business insights from your Industrial IOT data and IIOT environments with machine learning. 

The Costs of Running Business in the Cloud - Infographic | Swim (PDF)

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