Building Smarter Traffic Systems for Smart Cities - IIOT Infographic

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) can help a city or region reduce traffic congestion and minimize infrastructure management costs. However, the flood of data from connected sensors overwhelms most architectures. ITS deployments require a solution that integrates with existing hardware, reduces data at the edge, and delivers high value data streams to city managers, relevant municipal systems, and third-party developers.

We've put together this Infographic to share the trends we've noticed regarding traffic statistics and how to build smarter traffic systems for Smart Cities:

Building Smarter Traffic in Smart Cities - Traffic Statistics: IOT Infographic | Swim Inc.

Learn how Swim ESP™ for Smart Cities can help transform and manage your ITS traffic data with Machine Learning.

Building Smarter Traffic Systems for Smart Cities: Traffic Statistics - Infographic | Swim (PDF)

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