Analytics at the Edge - Edge Analytics Infographic

by Team, on Aug 25, 2017 11:45:12 AM

Edge computing is a distributed computing model that leverages the various edge devices on a network, in order to more efficiently compute IOT data as it is created. Edge computing provides the networking framework that allows developers compute time-sensitive data on the edge, while pushing refined data to the cloud for further processing. By performing analytics at the edge, IOT project managers can benefit from decreased application latency, lower storage and maintenance costs, and a clear path for scaling an IOT application. Process data at the edge to gain real-time insights at the IOT edge.  By using machine learning at the edge you are able to benefit from edge IOT analytics.

We've put together this infographic of real-time edge processing and edge analytics at the IOT edge market trends:

Swim_Analytics at the Edge_Infographic

Learn how SWIM finds hidden insights from your IOT edge data using Machine Learning and Analytics at the edge.

Analytics at the Edge - Edge Analytics Infographic (PDF)

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